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I spent a semester trying to improve and redesign my writing to provide a better reading for people that read my work. I did work on some aspects more than others during the course because I felt I struggled in those area more than others. The two I worked on were “acknowledge your and others’ range of linguistic differences as resources, and draw on those resources to develop rhetorical sensibility” and “enhance strategies for reading, drafting, revising, editing, and self-assessment”. So the first one I stated were when we were paired with peer reviewers we had to look at one another’s writing and fix and issues that needed to be fixed. But a resource we were able to use was how we structured and wrote our draft differently and acknowledge that the way one writes could be helpful in one’s own essay. When looking over their work I would be thinking of my own worked like “For my essay this works but how can I use these to help me say less but in a broader idea. What exactly can ask to give me the best understanding on his structure and be able to use it to improve my writing”. When I wrote my resume and cover letter I had a basic structure and it was all scattered but after being able to look at someone’s work I realized that their structure was different but allowed so much more to be written. So I was given example on the peer review sheet on what I needed to work on and what needed to be improved on. So the difficulty when writing it was what to add and what was unnecessary to the entire resume. From that I was able to create and understand what was good to use in my next assignment. The second listing on enhancing strategies was improved by a lot because when it came to drafting I was giving the minimum to the reader even when I had a mass amount of work that could have been added and the structure was just random and not coordinated. Now for majority of my work I put more and more into the draft which afterward I can receive the most feedback into the grammar and sentence structure. When editing I would just add a few more details and think it would be done but, I now after revising and editing I try to change sentences that would seem more applicable towards my essay. For the memo in the first draft I added more than what I was originally was giving to the reviewer and I gave them a lot but when editing and revising I was able to give sort out what worked and what did not work for the essay and was able to construct a better memo. There were things that I did not spend anytime of and now I feel like I should have made time for the, such as “negotiate your own writing goals and audience expectations regarding conventions of genre, medium, and rhetorical situation” and “engage in genre analysis and multimodal composing to explore effective writing across disciplinary contexts and beyond”. I should improve more on writing my goals and give more to the audience because they are criticizing me each sentence and I should be giving more. I can analysis texts and other writing materials but to give a depth analysis on a specific term in the text is difficult for me and the need to improve on it should be priority for me. These are thing I will continue trying to improve on to give the best in my assignments to come


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